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Mobile 5G Network to Appear in London Before 2020

11 August 2014

The capital of Great Britain will become one of the first big cities in which citizens will be able to use 5G mobile networks. The development of new-generation mobile networks is but a part of a far-reaching plan by London’s authorities that concerns developing telecommunications in the city.

In his interview for the famous periodical Telegraph, the mayor of London Boris Johnson informed that now the city authorities are engaged in developing a city infrastructure investment program, which will enable transition to 5G-standard mobile connection before 2020. The development is realized by local authorities in cooperation with researchers from the University of Surrey.

‘London has to become the most technological capital of Europe; therefore, we need to create all the necessary conditions for people to have access to cutting-edge digital communication channels. The key point of improving the infrastructure of London is development of communication possibilities,’ – Boris Johnson indicates.

The mayor of London also promised to immediately share new details and possible variants of connecting to the Internet with those planning to move to the city for temporary or permanent residence. The potential Internet speed will be noted in a specially developed map which meets all current standards of telecommunications industry. Such a map will enable informing companies that provide telecommunications services about the regions in which it is possible to improve Internet connection.

It is worth mentioning that London has already achieved some success in providing its citizens with universal access to the Internet. Although the capital’s underground system is one of the biggest in the world, its Wi-Fi network covers almost 120 stations.