Position: Senior Software Engineer
Favorite activity: Communication, staying with friends
Favorite film: Lord of the Rings, Lie to Me
Favorite music artists: ATB, Tiesto, LudovicoEinaudi
Favorite food: Fresh salad with tomatoes and fried potatoes
Favourite drink: Beer
Favorite sports: Basketball, billiards, table tennis
Favorite holiday: Foe birthday


08 January 2014

1. Why programming and why Win Interactive? Why programming – I always wanted to be an inventor, to construct something. In programming, you are an inventor; you build something up and create something new in your universe.

XcLL6x0_q3IWhy Win Interactive – I just love games.

2. What do you like most about Win Interactive?

People I work with – nowhere have I met such friends.

3. What does being a WINner mean to you?

Being the best in everything =)

4. What do the others not know about you yet?

x_1d6d08a8I can read upside down))

5. What do you read?

Technical literature, for the most part.

6. It’s never too late …

To change and to become the one you have dreamt to be.

7. If you were able to write to the 16-year-old yourself, what would you say?

Don’t be lazy, keep working!

8. What would you recommend people willing to become programmers?

oLfm7WFTpy8Don’t hesitate, keep trying, develop yourselves. You have to start loving this thing, and, most importantly, you have to realize that it’s very easy.