Section: Industry News

‘Smart’ mirror from Panasonic

01 October 2014

At the latest exhibition IFA 2014 in Berlin, the Panasonic company presented a prototype of its new product – an interactive mirror. Its developers define the device as another solution for implementing the ‘smart home’ concept, as well as for using it in beauty salons and shopping malls. Apart from reflection, the mirror is able to conduct an analysis of the user’s appearance and to provide advice about improving it.

The idea of a ‘smart’ mirror is based on the face recognition technology, which is used in the series of cameras Panasonic Lumix. The mirror analyses a person’s reflection, examines the skin condition in detail, and creates a holographic image of the face. Having this image, the user may experiment with make-up, cosmetic tricks, hairstyle change, without the need to perform all of that on their own face. The mirror will show a diagram of different parameters and will pay the user’s attention to problematic zones (an oily forehead, a pimple, dark circles under eyes, or unevenly applied make-up foundation). Apart from that, the mirror will provide cosmetic advice about removing those defects, as well as nutrition recommendations, information about cosmetic instruments, and an instruction for different procedures.

Also, the mirror can be synchronized with a smartphone calendar, so that it could select a couple of looks for a certain event in advance. For instance, for a Christmas party, the mirror will suggest make-up with elements of gloss, which suits to night-time lighting, and a hairdo for festive occasions.

Now, the mirror by Panasonic has a prototype status, and the company is still working on its improvement, yet the visitors of the exhibition have already become excited about it.