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Senior Business Analyst/Developer

03 Березеня 2015
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Senior Business Analyst/Developer

03 Березеня 2015

* Comprehensive and current experience with application framework in java, C# or equivalent,  databases.

* Experience in user oriented software as an analyst or project manager

* Strong knowledge of common tools like Excel, SQL Server, and easy languages like PHP, WinDev or equivalents.

* Experience working on reporting and BI with or without BI platforms


JOB description: As a part of the design & economy team, he will help with Analysis, Design, and Development of :

* Simulation tools using dev. frameworks or excel/VB depending on the complexity

* Management and piloting tools for the economy, including dedicated BI

* Front-end tools in collaboration with the server team

* Analyze and help develop automated tools to facilitate volume testing of user behavior

Requirements: Minimum 5 years experience in Software development with initial skills of Computer Sciences  or Economics (Graduate or similar army education)

Location: Must be able to travel to Tel Aviv.

Languages: Full Fluent English mandatory,  good French welcome