Section: Industry News

Free licenses for developers

19 December 2014

On the website, there has appeared information about Marmalade launching free licenses for developers of applications and games.

This license enables developing on С++ for all supported mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows Store and Tizen. The drawback of this license is that the developer’s application will have a splash screen.

The creators of this solution provide actual users of Indie licenses Marmalade SDK with a possibility of porting projects for all mobile platforms, as well as for Windows and Mac desktops and Roku setup box.

As the recent ‘Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking 2013’ research from May 26, 2014 has shown, Marmalade is the best solution for cross-platform development. The questionnaire considered different parameters, such as support quality, skills necessary to start working and price, as well as the most important one – productivity of applications created with the help of cross-platform solutions.ст 1