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Defenders of Ukraine

19 August 2014

Hard times have come to pass in Ukraine. However, despite all the current hardship, we have people to be proud of. Our brave soldiers and defenders of Ukrainian land deserve special attention and respect.

Vitalii R., who was engaged in web-programming and developing the corporate website of Win Interactive in November 2013, could not even imagine that in March 2014 he would already be defending his Motherland in the most dangerous trouble sports of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Vitalii is serving in Ukrainian landing troops, bravely defending us from invaders and terrorists.

The most difficult part is to come over the loss of Vitalii’s mates and companions in arms – both physically and mentally. Even now is it hard to believe in the dreadful reality of the war that has broken out on the territory of the peaceful Ukraine.

Vitalii, please accept our whole-hearted support! We are grateful for your act of bravery and your unbreakable Cossack spirit! We believe that the war will be over soon! We are waiting for your return! Let the guardian angel protect you from the enemy bullet. We are proud of your courage and hold it up as an example. Please accept the words of gratitude from the whole Win Interactive team!

Our colleague and friend Igor Z. has recently become a volunteer of the National Guard. After a short preparation that is in progress now, the boys will be sent to the counter-terrorism operation area.

Igor, you have set an example for many! In our eyes, you are a real man, a true patriot of your country! Take care of yourself!

Volodymyr G. is a talented Java programmer. He is a passionate patriot, a public activist with a proactive attitude to life.

Volodymyr has recently joined the Ukrainian army in order to defend his Motherland. Being only 25 years old, he is doing his duty with dignity. Vova, we are proud of you! All friends and colleagues are wishing you strength, courage, and patience in overcoming every obstacle and coming back home safe and sound!

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the heroes!

Glory to the Ukrainian army!