Section: Industry News

Helping the Army

11 September 2014

Our state is now facing very hard times. That is why, every kind of support of the Motherland has become a matter of honour for all nationally conscious citizens. The company ‘Win Interactive’ has not become an exception.

Since Maidan, we have been helping our country by joining the efforts of the company management and active employees. This help also includes supporting those in the occupied Crimea. We raise more than 70 000 UAH every month. Apart from that, our colleagues keep donating necessary things, food, medicaments, etc. for the needs of the victims.

We are helping the military commissariat of Vinnytsia in purchasing equipment, and together with the companies ‘Playtika’ and ‘Delphi’, we provided the Air Force Hospital with medical instrumentation necessary to save lives of those wounded during the counter-terrorism operation. Namely, we purchased a lung ventilator ‘Bryz T’ to the value of about 90 000 UAH, an electrocoagulator (a device for stopping bleeding) for 24 000 UAH, and an ultrasonic cleaner ‘UZM-010’ for 17 000 UAH.

For the battalion ‘Vinnytsia’, the company purchased 30 first aid kits to the value of 15 000 UAH. Also, we helped the son of our employee, who left for the counter-terrorism operation area, with protective equipment (bullet-proof vest, helmet, and load-carrying equipment) to the total value of 19 147 UAH. Moreover, some of our colleagues have been as brave as to become volunteer defenders of Ukraine.

Since recently, in accordance with a new law, 1.5 per cent from the salary of staff go to cover the army needs. The company decided that these costs are also to be donated by private entrepreneurs who cooperate with us. We believe that our help will become one more step on our way to the victory and prosperity of our sovereign state.